Valley Irrigation Blow-Out & Winterization

  • IIABC certified technician level 1 & 2

  • An improperly winterized system can require extensive and costly repairs

  • High volume compressor reduces stress on the system during blow-out

  • $60 hook-up and first six zones

  • Additional zones $7.50 each (max 25 zones)

  • Text or email for Strata, group rates, or larger systems

Irrigation Blow-out & Winterization


Avoid time consuming and costly repairs! Using a improperly sized compressor or exposing the system to higher than normal pressures will damage equipment. Have a certified technician with a high volume compressor capable of removing water from elevation changes and long pipe runs perform the blow-out and winterization of your system. 

The expansion of water into ice is very powerful. Expanding ice will break through almost anything, including thick metal and PVC fittings. Without a proper irrigation blow-out, ice will destroy spray bodies, rotors, valves, fittings, and pipe if they freeze.

The results of an improper blow-out are extensive and costly repairs and renovations. A Valley Irrigation blow-out ensures your system is ready for the harshest winter, while minimizing the stress compressed air has on the system during winterization.

Contact us for rates for strata, groups or larger system rates.

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