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  • IIABC Certified Irrigation Scheduler

  • Reduce your system's annual water usage by 50% with proper irrigation scheduling

  • Take the guess work out of irrigation scheduling

Irrigation Scheduling

It is easy to see the effects of under watering on a landscape but over watering is detrimental as well.  Correct scheduling and proper controller use can save you up to 50% of your system's annual water usage!  Proper scheduling keeps your landscape healthy with minimum wasted water while complying with local watering by-laws. With the increasing cost of water it is important your system waste as little as possible.

Aside from costing you money and increasing the demand for clean water, over watering also depletes the soil of valuable nutrients.  Run off from over watering and over-spray introduces fertilizer and other contaminates into the water supply and add to the demand of storm water management systems.  So what is the right amount of water your landscape requires and how long will it take to apply it?  We take the guess work out of programming your controller.

Our scheduling service identifies each zone's location and clearly outlines the operating times and durations in an easy to read chart, greatly reducing troubleshooting times and increasing ease of use. We analyze and identify each zone of your system and program your controller to automatically keep your landscape healthy without run-off or wasted water. Once completed our scheduling service allows you to truly 'set it and forget it'.

We can also troubleshoot general controller and scheduling questions over the phone so feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Valley Irrigation Design & Irrigation Scheduling

Irrigation Design

Make the most of your water and money! Ensure water is being applied evenly at a rate and duration best suited for each area of your landscape while avoiding run-off and wasted water. A certified design is the first step to a system that will function cost effectively for years to come. With water prices on the rise it is important your system waste as little as possible.

Proper planning leads to a system that maximizes water, applying it evenly and efficiently. A certified design leaves you with control over each micro-climate, properly zoning water requirements of the landscape. We carefully select the best equipment from the leading manufacturers for your application when we do an design. 

Choosing a certified design means your system is guaranteed to have the lowest operating costs. Promote water, soil and energy conservation while automatically keeping your landscape healthy. With over 6 years of practical design experience on hundreds of landscapes from in Vernon, Lake Country, Kelowna, and the surrounding Okanagan and beyond, we know what it takes to effectively and efficiently water your landscape.
  • IIABC Certified Irrigation Designer

  • 6 years practical irrigation design experience

  • Guaranteed lowest operating costs

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