Valley Irrigation Corp. Repair & Irrigation Start-Up

  • IIABC Certified Technician Level 1&2

  • Troubleshooting and irrigation repairs

  • Breaks, leaks, stuck valves, misaligned sprinklers

  • Electrical, wiring, and controller issues

  • Scheduling and timer programming

  • Filtration flushing, cleaning and maintenance

  • Serving Vernon, Kelowna, Lake Country, Armstrong and beyond.

Irrigation Repair


From spring start-up, to fall blow-outs and everything in between we have seen it all when it comes to repairs in the Okanagan. We are happy to provide services to a wide area of the Oakanagan around Vernon, including Lake Country, Kelowna, Armstrong, and Lumby. No matter what your issue, we will troubleshoot and perform repairs in a timely and cost effective manner. 

Irrigation repairs are dirty work so let our service professionals take over, knowing the work will be performed by a certified technician. We carry a wide selection of parts on hand from the leading manufacturers for a variety of repairs. We have experience with all types of repairs and all work is done to City of Kelowna and IIABC standards by certified technicians.

Whether it be dry and stressed plants or turf, broken pipes, leaky or stuck valves, damaged or misaligned sprinklers, wiring and electrical issues, filtration and debris removal, or back-flow prevention, we have a professional solution for you!

Irrigation Start-Up

During a start-up our technicians inspect all aspects of your system and make any necessary repairs to ensure water is not wasted during operation. It is important during spring start-up to make sure your system is operating at its best, since even a small leak or misaligned sprinkler will waste a tremendous amount of water throughout the season.

We hydraulically test all valves to make sure they are not leaking and are functioning properly from your controller. Next we operate each zone individually checking for breaks, damage, or any necessary repairs or possible improvements. For drip systems we remove all filtering media for flushing and cleaning.  We also flush out the drip tubing via any available flush valves which are typical to proper drip system.

After completing any necessary repairs and ensuring your system is functioning correctly, we check the timer programming and schedule.  Proper scheduling can save you up to half your systems annual water usage. Our technicians take the guess work out of programming your controller and irrigating your landscape.

Contact us now to book your spring start-up and make sure you are getting the most of your water, and your system is ready to operate efficiently and effectively once the weather gets warm!

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